The Pride of Pageantry Awards X The Pageant Girl Ball – What a night!

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The Pride of Pageantry Awards X The Pageant Girl Ball!

WOW! Thank you so much to every single person that attended our Pageant Girl Ball this weekend. We are overwhelmed by how amazing everyone looked and we had the BEST night catching up, making new friends and dancing the night away! This was our chance to get together in pageant land, without the pressures of a competition finals. We love spending time together and this made it even more fun as we didn’t have to be in pageant mode! Did you attend?… Take a look at some of the highlights from the evening below! 

We also held our very special Pride of Pageantry Awards and crowned our winning nominees! We wanted to do this to recognise the people in our pageant community that mean something to you, who go above & beyond and deserve recognition. The winners are as follows:

Newcomer Award – Danielle Smith – Danielle is the perfect winner of this award! After being a pageant mum to Libby for the past few years, she decided to compete herself in Galaxy UK and join in the fun. Danielle took away the Mrs Galaxy UK crown! She recently headed to Orlando to represent the UK internationally and has taken everything in her stride! We are so excited to see what’s next…

Spirit of Pageantry – Laura Hopwood – Laura embodies everything that pageantry is and should be! She is kind and welcoming, and a huge part of our pageant girl family! Laura had SO many nominations for this award and it was a fabulous moment to see her crowned!

Beautifully Inspiring – Darcey Corria – Darcey is beautifully inspiring because of everything that she has overcome in her pageant journey and personal life, we are so proud to be able to present this award to her. After following Darcey’s injury and recovery, we know that so many others find her inspiring too.

Platform with a Heart – Chloe Roberts – Chloe’s platform as a pageant girl is Suicide Prevention, something that is hugely important in this day in age. Chloe has worked extremely hard to raise awareness and help others, launching a ‘Talk it out’ series where she invites other pageant girls to share their stories. Chloe has completed courses and helped so many others – huge well done!

Congeniality Award – Lilly Anne Sullivan – In true pageant girl style, Lilly Anne has shown so much kindness to others in the pageant community and this hasn’t gone unnoticed! The congeniality award is special as it goes to the person that makes others feel welcome and at home, thank you!

Now – take a look at the photos…