Huge success at the Galaxy Pageants for Team UK!

Team Galaxy UK – Junior Miss Galaxy UK – Farryn Smith, Miss Teen Galaxy – UK – Ruby Hill, Miss Galaxy – UK – Emma Collingridge, Ms Galaxy UK – Rebecca Everson, Mrs Galaxy UK – Kayleigh Atkinson, and our Miss Galaxy Europe – Kelsey Poulton, did incredibly at the...

Pageant Girl Royalty

Miss Teen Great Britain

Nancy Hodgson

Miss Teen Great Britain 2019

Ellie Corcoran

Miss Junior Teen Great Britain 2019

Yasmina Newbold

Little Miss Teen Great Britain 2019

Imogen Chapman

Miss Teen Great Britain 2018

Eddison Holmes-Dennett

Miss Junior Teen Great Britain 2018

Ellie-Mia Zschiesche

Little Miss Teen Great Britain 2018

Evanjelin Elchmanar

Miss Teen Great Britain 2017

Milli Jo Adair

Miss Junior Teen Great Britain 2017

Jasmine Vigus Huggins

Little Miss Teen Great Britain 2017

Ashleigh Wild

Miss Teen Great Britain 2016

Erin White

Miss Junior Teen Great Britain 2016

Courtney Doney

Little Miss Teen Great Britain 2016

Emma Collingridge

Miss Teen Great Britain 2015

Harriotte Lane

Miss Junior Teen Great Britain 2015

Annalise Jones

Little Miss Teen Great Britain 2015

Hayley Galloway

Miss Teen Great Britain 2014

Amy Bellis

Miss Junior Teen Great Britain 2014

Brittany Hargreaves

Miss Teen Great Britain 2013

Ella Ravenscroft

Miss Junior Teen Great Britain 2013

Daisy Whetlor

Miss Teen Great Britain 2012

Connie Baldwin

Miss Teen Great Britain 2011

Miss International UK

Harriotte Lane

Miss International UK 2019

Sharon Gaffka

Miss International UK 2018

Ashley Powell

Miss International UK 2017

Miss International Europe

Miss International Top 8

Romy Simpkins

Miss International UK 2016

Sophie Loudon

Miss International UK 2015

Miss International Top 10

Victoria Tooby

Miss International UK 2014

Miss International 4th RU

Beth Greenham

Miss International UK 2013

Miss Pageant Girl UK

Eden McAllister

Miss Pageant Girl UK 2019

World Supermodel UK

Brittany Hargreaves

World Supermodel UK 2016

World Supermodel Top 9

Molly-Mae Hague

World Teen Supermodel UK 2016

World Teen Supermodel 1st RU

Joanna Johnson

World Supermodel UK 2015

World Supermodel Top 9

Misha Grimes

World Teen Supermodel UK 2015

World Teen Supermodel Top 7

World Teen Supermodel Best in Swimwear

Miss Grand UK

Ashleigh Wild

Miss Grand England 2019

Freya Taylor

Miss Grand Scotland 2019

Emma Davies

Miss Grand Wales 2019

Christina Baker

Miss Grand England 2018

Olivia McPike

Miss Grand Scotland 2018

Lauren Parkinson

Miss Grand Wales 2018

Noky Simbani

Miss Grand England 2017

Amy Meisak

Miss Grand Scotland 2017

Nadia Suliman

Miss Grand Wales 2017

Cherelle Patterson

Miss Grand England 2016

MGI Best in Evening Wear

Gemma Palmer

Miss Grand Scotland 2016

Rachael Tate

Miss Grand Wales 2016

MGI Top 20

Miss Intercontinental UK

Sarah Davies

Miss Intercontinental England 2018

Laura Macmillan

Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2018

Joey Staerkle

Miss Intercontinental Wales 2018

Lilly Rogan

Miss Intercontinental England 2017

Natalie Graham

Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2017

Jemma Cox

Miss Intercontinental Wales 2017

Chloe Othen

Miss Intercontinental England 2016

Abigail Gliksten

Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2016

Miss Intercontinental Top 15

Top 5 Europe division

Kelly Rowland

Miss Intercontinental Wales 2016

Anya Gould

Miss Intercontinental England 2015

Rachel Altenburg

Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2015

Sarah-Jayne Evans

Miss Intercontinental Wales 2015

Laura Gregory

Miss Intercontinental England 2014

Miss Intercontinental Top 15

1st RU Europe division

Robyn Ferguson

Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2014

Nadia Suliman

Miss Intercontinental Wales 2014

Alexandra Devine

Miss Intercontinental England 2013

Miss Intercontinental Top 15

Top 5 Europe division

Danielle Lynch

Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2013

Chloe-Beth Morgan

Miss Intercontinental Wales 2013

Laura Ashfield

Miss Intercontinental England 2012

Miss Intercontinental 2nd RU

Miss Intercontinental Europe

Sarah Pitt

Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2012

Christi Neveling

Miss Intercontinental Wales 2012

Stephanie Hodson

Miss Intercontinental England 2011

Miss Intercontinental congeniality award winner

UK Galaxy Pageants

Farryn Smith

Junior Miss Galaxy UK 2019

Ruby Hill

Miss Teen Galaxy 2019/20

Miss Teen Galaxy – UK 2019

Emma Collingridge

Miss Galaxy – UK 2019

Rebecca Everson

Ms Galaxy Europe 2019/20

Ms Galaxy UK 2019

Kayleigh Atkinson

Mrs Galaxy UK 2019

May Parry

Junior Miss Galaxy 2018/19

Junior Miss Galaxy UK 2018

Ruth Wade

Mrs Galaxy UK 2018

Beth Greenham

Ms Galaxy 2018/19

Ms Galaxy UK 2018

Harriotte Lane

Miss Teen Galaxy England 2018

Jazmine Nichol

Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland 2018

Mia-Rose Lewis

Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2018

Kelsey Poulton

Miss Galaxy 2019/20

Miss Galaxy Europe 2018/19

Miss Galaxy England 2018

Chloe Lake

Miss Galaxy Scotland 2018

Emma Davies

Miss Galaxy Wales 2018

Joanna Johnson

Miss Galaxy 2018/19

Galaxy No.10

Miss Galaxy North England 2018

Misha Grimes

Miss Teen Galaxy 2017/18

Miss Teen Galaxy England 2017

Kloe Gibson

Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland 2017

Onyx Uwandulu

Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2017

Stefanie Williams

Miss Galaxy England 2017

Hayley Galloway

Miss Galaxy Scotland 2017

Lauren Parkinson

Miss Galaxy Wales 2017

Sienna Demontis

Junior Miss Galaxy UK 2017

Tanya Collins

Mrs Galaxy UK 2017

Joanna Clarke

Ms Galaxy UK 2017

Ella Ravenscroft

Miss Teen Galaxy England 2016

Anna Makin

Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland 2016

Leah Andrews

Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2016

Zara Nortley

Miss Galaxy England 2016

Emma Bain

Miss Galaxy Scotland 2016

Kia Owens

Miss Galaxy Wales 2016

Halle-Blu Morrison

Junior Miss Galaxy 2016/17

Junior Miss Galaxy UK 2016


Rubie Marie

Ms Galaxy 2016/17

Ms Galaxy UK 2016


Sarah Pritchard

Mrs Galaxy 2016/17

Mrs Galaxy UK 2016


Robyn Morrison

Mrs Galaxy Europe 2016

Saffron Corcoran

Miss Teen Galaxy England 2015

Laura Macmillan

Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland 2015

Rebecca Moffatt

Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2015

Sophie Tozer

Miss Galaxy England 2015

Arabella Normand

Miss Galaxy 2015/16

Miss Galaxy Scotland 2015

Heather Hopkins

Miss Galaxy Wales 2015

Tia Woodall

Junior Miss Galaxy UK 2015

Maegan Beaton

Mrs Galaxy UK 2015

Bethany Cammack

Miss Teen Galaxy England 2014

Caitlin Kinsella

Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland 2014

Daisy Whetlor

Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2014

Jennifer Mcsween

Miss Galaxy England 2014

Deone Robertson

Miss Galaxy Scotland 2014

Summer Ghanavati

Miss Galaxy Wales 2014

Hannah Elliott

Junior Miss Galaxy UK 2014

Samantha Ratcliffe

Mrs Galaxy UK 2014

Kirsty Fletcher

Mrs Galaxy Europe 2014

Helen MacGregor

Miss Teen Galaxy England 2013

Melissa Douglas

Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland 2013

Jessica Watts

Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2013

Jaime-Lee Faulkner

Miss Galaxy England 2013

Courtney St John

Miss Galaxy Scotland 2013

Rachael Tate

Miss Galaxy 2013/14

Miss Galaxy Wales 2013

Kirsty Fletcher

Mrs Galaxy UK 2013

Shauna Mallon

Miss Teen Galaxy England 2012

Arabella Normand

Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland 2012

Fallon Robinson

Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2012

Megan Howell

Miss Galaxy England 2012

Jade Hunt

Miss Galaxy Scotland 2012

Lydia Yhnell

Miss Galaxy Wales 2012

Robyn Morrison-Charlesworth

Mrs Galaxy UK 2012

Gabriella Gatehouse

Miss Teen Galaxy England 2011

Robyn Ferguson

Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland 2011

Victoria Tooby

Miss Teen Galaxy Wales 2011

Melissa Reeves

Miss Galaxy England 2011

Sarah Pitt

Miss Galaxy Scotland 2011

Jamie-Lee Williams

Miss Galaxy 2011/12

Miss Galaxy Wales 2011

Sara Morgan

Miss Teen Galaxy UK 2010

Beth Greenham

Miss Galaxy UK 2010

Emma McInnes

Miss Teen Galaxy 2009/10

Miss Teen Galaxy UK 2009

Hayley Mac

Miss Galaxy 2009/10

Miss Galaxy UK 2009

Holly McCarthy

Miss Teen Galaxy UK 2008

Samantha Houghton

Miss Galaxy UK 2008