Pageant Girl® are the organisers for some of the leading, national pageants in the United Kingdom. Starting in May 2007 from the university bedroom of our founder, Holly Pirrie, we now crown 13 national, beauty queens annually, with them globetrotting to represent their countries at international pageants worldwide.

Holly was inspired by her own experiences in ‘pageant land,’ and wanted to give more girls, and women, the opportunities that she had been afforded through pageantry. The focus of Pageant Girl® is to encourage positive achievement in women and to create fun & confidence-building experiences.

Based in a glittering (literally, full of sparkle) office in Cheshire, the Pageant Girl® team co-ordinate the pageant finals for Miss Teen Great Britain, United Kingdom Galaxy Pageants and the United Kingdom Power Pageant; this crowns the UK winners for Miss International, Miss Grand International and Miss Pageant Girl. From 2011-2018, Pageant Girl also sent UK delegates to the international Miss Intercontinental final.

Being a part of our organisation is about celebrating and empowering women, we recognise that all women are beautiful and one of the most fantastic qualities is when a girl is unapologetically herself. The Pageant Girl® motto is ‘Beautifully Inspiring.’ Since 2012, the Pageant Girl® competitions have raised over £390,000 for our chosen charities.

Here are the pageants that we organise..

United Kingdom Galaxy Pageants

The UK Galaxy Pageants are for ALL girls and women aged 12 upwards. The FIVE lucky winners will travel to Orlando, Florida, to compete in the Galaxy International Pageant.

Miss Teen Great Britain

The Miss Teen GB competitions are for girls and teenagers aged 10-19. Three winners are crowned, they are; Little, Junior, and Miss Teen Great Britain. This is not your average pageant, with 50% of the judging being based on the interview with the judges. This competition is about much more than a pretty face!

United Kingdom Power Pageant

Pageant Girl produce the UK pageant finals of Miss International, Miss Intercontinental, and Miss Grand International. This is held as one live final – The UK Power Pageant, where 5 winners are crowned! This is for women aged 18-27.

The five winners that are crowned are:

Miss International UK

The winner of Miss International UK will win a trip to Japan to compete in the Miss International final. Pageant Girl launched Miss International in the UK in 2014 & this was the first time that the live UK finals had been held for more than two decades. The team were honoured to bring this incredible pageant back to the UK!

Miss International UK
Miss Grand UK

Miss Grand England, Scotland & Wales

Three winners will be crowned for Miss Grand (from England, Scotland & Wales) and will go on to represent their country in the Miss Grand International final which has previously been held in Thailand and Las Vegas! They will tour and visit some of the most amazing parts of the country and compete for the title of Miss Grand International!

Miss Grand UK
Miss Intercontinental UK

Miss Pageant Girl UK

2019 will be the first time that a Miss Pageant Girl UK will be crowned at the UK Power Pageant! She will win an incredible £1,000 cash prize, amongst other prizes! Miss Pageant Girl UK will be an ambassador for the Pageant Girl organisation and will have an amazing year as the first ever Miss Pageant Girl UK!

Miss Intercontinental UK