Finding the perfect pageant dress – The Dress Studio

Finding the perfect, pageant dress in the UK is not an easy task! Several years ago, the Pageant Girl team realised how hard it was and we saw that there were very few places where you could go and try on a selection of long, evening gowns. And so, The Dress Studio was born!

The Dress Studio is based in Culcheth, Warrington and is part of Pageant Girl Ltd. We are very proud to say that we have dressed some of the UK’s most successful beauty queens and pageant titleholders. The Dress Studio is one of the largest prom, pageant, evening dress and formal wear stores in the UK. Our beautiful superstore is like nowhere you have ever visited before but you can see for yourself by taking a tour below!

Visit our store –
We are located at The Dress Studio, The Warehouse Studios, Glaziers Lane, Culcheth, Warrington, WA3 4AQ

Our unrivalled boutique offers a unique, shopping experience with:

  • Two floors dedicated to the best shopping experience
  • Exclusivity Dress Register – we will not sell the same dress to anyone else at your school. We keep a register of every prom dress, we will not even sell the same dress in a different colour!
  • Layaway/Deposit System – A small deposit secures your dream dress so no one else from your school gets it before you!
    Payment plans available
  • Price match – if you have found the exact same dress instock in another store, we will price match this for you.
  • HUNDREDS of dresses here & instock ready for you to try & take away
  • OVER 30 deluxe, fitting rooms
  • No appointment needed
  • Free Parking
  • Friendly, helpful & prom specialist team ready to help you find the perfect dress

We ensure that your visit to The Dress Studio is special and memorable from the moment you set foot through the door.

ALL Pageant Dress Customers are different – so, do not panic!


Firstly, we know that our pageant dress customers are all completely different. Some of you may know exactly what you are looking for, whereas others may have no idea! Some may want something glitzy and sparkling, whilst others may want completely plain….

Whichever type of pageant girl you are, do not worry! Our team are specially trained and have years of experience helping pageant customers find their perfect pageant dress. Our store has every type of dress imaginable and we are confident that we will be able to help you.


All price points covered


Whether you are looking for a pageant dress or evening dress for a black-tie event, we are confident that we will be able to help! We are proud to offer long dresses at all price points, starting from £55.


The Dress Studio recognises that everyone has different budgets for their dresses and we strive to accommodate this. Please, do not worry about visiting our store if you are concerned that everything may be out of your price range – we really do have a large selection and this will not be the case!


What makes The Dress Studio so special?


The Dress Studio was created because we recognised how few options there were when searching for a ball dress, prom dress or evening gown. In the UK, there was nowhere to go to find a long dress! Boutiques, high-street shops and even department stores, would perhaps have one or two long dress options but that was it. You could not go into a shop and try several dresses to find the perfect style… that choice was not available. We also noticed that these dresses were not cheap, with them normally being a few hundred pounds and so, if you needed a long dress, you would perhaps have to pay a lot of money and not even love it, or you wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to try on lots of dresses to know you had found one that you absolutely loved!


The Dress Studio changed this! We created a beautiful store, filled with hundreds of dresses – prom dresses, pageant dresses, evening dresses, ball dress… every type of long dress imaginable! This meant, rather than having to visit store after store, trying on one dress here and there, you could simply drive to one location and know that you would not have to go anywhere else. We also chose to ensure that we would include a huge variety in price points and so, our long dresses start from £55.


Bringing you the very best dresses and designers….


The Dress Studio are dedicated to bringing you the very best selection of dresses. Every year, our team travel the world to preview the evening wear and prom dress collections from the leading designers, to ensure that we are continuing to offer the very best styles in our superstore.


We spend days & hours watching countless fashion shows from many designers and if we don’t think the dresses are perfect enough for our customers, they don’t make the cut into our store! We are approved stockists of Sherri Hill, Jovani, JVN, Mac Duggal , Forever Unique, Tarik Ediz, Terani Couture and more.


Aside from international designers, we also consider it important to support British designers and businesses. We are proud stockists of British brands including Honor Gold and Pia Michi.


Do I need to make an appointment?


At The Dress Studio, we have over 30 luxury fitting rooms and so, you do not need to make an appointment.


During prom season, the busiest time to visit our store is on a Saturday between 12pm and 3.30pm. To enhance your shopping experience, we recommend on a Saturday that you come as early as possible.


How it works when you make your special visit The Dress Studio


When you arrive at our store, you will be greeted by a friendly member of our team, who will explain all about the store layout, different dresses, styles and sizes. We can answer any initial questions that you may have and then, the fun begins!


We are happy to give you your own space as you look round our beautiful store, or we can aid your dress selection and pick ideas for you. For anything that catches your eye, you simply take it off the rail and someone from our team will come to take it off you straight away. If it is for a prom, we will double check that no one else has selected the same style from your school. We then whisk the dress to our deluxe fitting rooms and create an area especially for you, with any dresses that you select! This means that when you have finished browsing, all of the styles that you have liked will be ready & waiting for you to try on.


If after trying you have not found the perfect style, our team can look for further suggestions based on what you have liked & preferred!


Is there anything I need to bring with me when I am pageant dress shopping?


There is nothing that you need to bring but we really do advise to bring a pair of high heels with you to try on with the dresses to give you a more realistic view of what the dress is going to look like on the day of your prom. It will also help to see if you need any alterations to the dress length.


Who can I bring with me when I am looking for a pageant dress?


You are welcome to bring friends & family with you but we do suggest to try and limit the amount of people. Sometimes, too many opinions make it difficult to focus on yourself and how you feel in a dress! Plus, at peak times, it can get very busy in the shop and there will be limited space at the changing rooms. We do advise to bring someone with you as it always helps to get a second opinion! If you are under 18 we do ask that you bring a parent/guardian with you when trying on the dresses.


Do you order in dresses?


The great news with The Dress Studio is that the dresses that you see are the ones that you purchase. This means that there is no waiting for your dress and, if you have left it a bit last-minute, it is not a problem! At The Dress Studio we prefer to have the dresses here in stock ready for you to try on and ready for you to take home straight away!

Do you offer payment plans?


Yes, we offer payment plans! We ask for an initial deposit on the dress and then you can pay the rest of the balance at a later time. All we request is that a payment is made every 28 days. We keep the dress in the store until it is fully paid for.


How will I know what style is right for me?


At the store, we have hundreds of different styles and colours so we advise for you to try all different dresses on until you have found the perfect one for you.


We have an excellent customer service team in the store to help you find the right dress. It may take longer than you anticipate to choose the perfect one but do not worry,  we are exceptionally patient and will always try our best to make sure you leave the store with a dress in hand!


Should I take my makeup off?


We would appreciate it if when you come to the store you are not wearing any makeup or fake tan. The dresses are very expensive and we would hate for them to get stained with any marks!


I don’t want anyone to know what pageant dress I have. Is this a problem?


This is not a problem at all. We keep a record of every pageant dress that we sell and so, we will not sell the same dress to the same pageant competition.