UK Galaxy Pageants celebrate their 10th anniversary with a 10th crown!

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Pageant Girl Blog

Introducing……. Galaxy No. 10

In 2018, we celebrate our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of organising the United Kingdom Galaxy Pageants. The say that time flies when you are having fun and this is definitely the case!
Ordinarily, we would be crowning nine UK queens at the finals next March – they are:

Junior Miss Galaxy UK
Miss Teen Galaxy England
Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland
Miss Teen Galaxy Wales
Miss Galaxy England
Miss Galaxy Scotland
Miss Galaxy Wales
Ms Galaxy UK
Mrs Galaxy UK

However, with it being our tenth anniversary, we felt we simply HAD to crown a tenth winner! The office racked their brains for who the tenth Galaxy crown would be for and we have to give full credit to Hannah (our social media & PR guru), who came up with the winning concept!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be crowning ‘Galaxy No. 10’ at the 2018 UK Galaxy Finals! The way in which this will be selected is……

The 1st Runners Up from every division will be invited to have the chance of becoming the tenth Galaxy queen. On Sunday March 25th, the Galaxy No 10 finalists will take to the stage in each round, to serve as a ‘recap’ for the judging panel. Each finalist will also be invited to speak about why they should become Galaxy No 10. Their scores from their competition night will contribute towards the final score and the judges will also give them one overall ‘Galaxy No 10’ score on the Sunday evening. The highest scoring contestant will take the tenth crown and this will all be announced after the Miss Galaxy England crowning.

It is important to note that we recognise that the contestants are competing in different divisions and so, it is not the case that, for example, a Junior is in direct competition with a Miss delegate. Rather, they are being judged on their potential within their division and who truly deserves that Galaxy No 10 crown & title! The title will be decided dependent on who the winner is, so if it is a Junior, Ms or Mrs, they will represent their country, whereas if it is for another division, they will be awarded a regional title.

We are so excited to be celebrating our tenth year of being part of the Galaxy family and we hope you all love the news about Galaxy No 10!

lots of love,

the UK Galaxy Pageants Team