Thank you, from The Christie!

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Latest News | 0 comments

Why pageants are so much greater than a crown…

As part of our Galaxy UK & UK’s National Miss pageant systems, we support The Christie as our chosen charity. The Christie is an incredible charity, that supports cancer patients. They go above & beyond what the NHS can provide for them and their families, and we are super proud to work with them.

Once again, our Pageant Girl organisation has received a special mention in this year’s impact report, thanks to the incredible fundraising of our finalists. Over the years, the Pageant Girl organisation has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in support of The Christie.

A special mention also to our reigning Miss Teen Galaxy International, Amber, who alone has raised over £50,000 for The Christie as part of her Galaxy journey – a true Queen! Thank you so much to every single finalist who has fundraised for this amazing charity, and to anyone who has every supported them. Your contributions really do make a huge difference.