Team Galaxy UK are bringing THREE international crowns home!

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Event Photos, Latest News

Team UK are bringing THREE crowns home!


Team UK – Junior Miss Galaxy UK – May Parry, Miss Teen Galaxy England – Harriotte Lane, Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland – Jazmine Nichol, Miss Teen Galaxy Wales – Mia-Rose Lewis, Miss Galaxy England – Kelsey Poulton, Miss Galaxy North England/Galaxy No.10 – Joanna Johnson, Miss Galaxy Scotland – Chloe Lake, Miss Galaxy Wales – Emma Davies, Ms Galaxy UK – Beth Greenham, and Mrs Galaxy UK – Ruth Wade, took the USA by storm!


After an INCREDIBLE week at the Galaxy Pageants in Orlando, it was finally time for team UK to get up on the international stage one last time to find out who the new winners are!


The girls looked absolutely stunning on stage and did the whole of the UK extremely proud and we now have three more international crowns to add to the collection!




Photogenic – Junior US, Teen Massachusetts, Miss England, Ms Texas, Mrs US

Best in Fashion Wear – Junior UK, Teen Massachusetts, Miss Scotland, Ms New England, Mrs North America

Best in Swimwear – Teen Wales, Miss Texas, Ms Canada, Mrs Ireland

Best in Evening Wear – Junior UK, Teen Australia, Miss North England, Ms Ireland, Mrs Delaware

Interview – Junior UK, Teen Massachusetts, Miss Scotland, Ms UK, Mrs North America

Congeniality – Ms Canada

Pageant Couture – Ms Canada




Junior Miss Galaxy – May Parry – UK

1st RU – US

2nd RU – Texas

3rd RU – Ireland

4th RU – Bahamas


Miss Teen Galaxy – Yari Marcano – Massachusetts

1st RU – Australia

2nd RU – Wales

3rd RUN – Scotland

4th RU – Ireland


Miss Galaxy – Joanna Johnson – North England 

1st RU – England

2nd RU – Massachusetts

3rd RU – Scotland

4th RU – Texas


Ms Galaxy – Beth Greenham – UK

1st RU – Australia

2nd RU – Ireland

3rd RU – New England

4th RU – Texas


Mrs Galaxy – Stephanie Hopkins – North America

1st RU – Ireland

2nd RU – UK

3rd RU – Delaware

4th RU – US


We would like to say a massive congratulations to every single Galaxy Girl who took part in the Galaxy Pageants, you were all AMAZING and should be SO proud of yourselves!


We want to wish the new winners the best of luck with their reigns as Galaxy queenies, we have no doubt you’ll all have a year to remember!


Team UK, you were all incredible and we are beyond proud of you all!


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