Read about Ms Galaxy Europe, Rebecca Everson’s experience at Galaxy Internationals!

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Latest News, Pageant Girl Blog

Our lovely Ms Galaxy UK and now Ms Galaxy Europe, Rebecca Everson, had the most amazing week in Orlando at the international Galaxy Pageants! This time last year, Rebecca had never stepped foot on a pageant stage. She won her first pageant – Ms Galaxy UK back in March and went on to place 1st runner up at the Ms Galaxy pageant, winning her the title of Ms Galaxy Europe, as well as the Photogenic award! Here’s what Rebecca had to say about her time in Orlando!

What’s your highlight from Galaxy internationals?

Placing 1st Runner up, being award Ms Photogenic and being crowned Ms Europe all in my first year of pageantry.   Well not even a year … Oh as well as meeting so many talented, amazing and gorgeous girls from around the world.


Favourite outfit from your Galaxy wardrobe?

All of them! I had an amazing designer Kevan Jon, who designed most of my wardrobe so it really is very hard to pick just one. However, if I had to pick one it would be my White Party Dress which was the sparkliest, shiniest, brightest dress I have ever worn. I literally looked like a Galaxy Disco Ball on the dance floor. I also got lots of nice comments about it.


Name something you packed in your pageant suitcase that you couldn’t have lived without (apart from outfits!)..

So I took with me a lot of personal good luck charms with me that I take everywhere and I literally can’t live without some of them. However, if I had to name the one thing that surely did bring me luck, that I couldn’t have been without, it would have to be my Grandmas rosary beads. My grandma passed away and left me the beads which are blessed to keep me safe and bring me luck.


What was the funniest or most memorable moment of the week?

Wow, where do I start, it has to have been one of the funniest weeks of my life. From me falling down the side of the bed trying to take a selfie and Ruby laughing so much she couldn’t pick me up. To finding Duncan laid asleep on the bed in my shoes. Patrick’s sound effects to everything and anything. Going to the wrong bed on winners night and Ruby waking me up the next morning “you’re in my bed”. Emma nearly falling over and falling into the pool, Kayleigh (and myself) forgetting the dance moves to the PJ party routine! There’s so much more, I could write a book!! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much that week.


Is there anything you learnt about yourself whilst you were there?

Definitely, never give up, stay true to yourself, never change, that I am enough and that being myself is the most beautiful thing in the world. Pageants aren’t just about getting a beautiful sparkly crown and dazzling sash, it’s about earning it, being a true queen, an inspiration, a role model, doing your director proud as well learning lifetime skills, finding yourself, learning what confidence is and making friendships that last forever along the way.


What advice would you give to girls who are thinking about entering the UK Galaxy Pageants?

DO IT! I honestly didn’t know anything about pageants this time last year. I took the leap and entered and look at me now. It’s not just a competition it’s a sisterhood and throughout your journey you make the most amazing memories, the best of friends and an extension to your family. I have gained so much self confidence by entering the pageant and have learnt so much about myself. The Galaxy system opens up so many opportunities for you. Enters you into experiences that you never knew existed and most importantly it’s about having fun and making those moments special. The Galaxy system accepts you for who you are and to me that’s something amazing!


Sum up your Galaxy experience in 3 words

Dream come true.