Official Pageant Girl merchandise – coming soon!

by | Aug 12, 2017 | Latest News, Pageant Girl Blog | 0 comments

The Pageant Girl office have been busting with excitement over the last few weeks. We have been inundated with deliveries of our new, official merchandise goodies!

 Pageant Girl will shortly be selling the following items:

 ·         Engraved ‘Pageant Girl’ keyring

·         Water bottle – with a fruit infuser!

·         Notebook

·         Notepad

·         T-shirts

·         Dressing Gowns

·         Make-up/sash bags

·         Large tote/appearance bags

 We know that all of our Pageant Girls are going to simply love them! More details coming soon for how to purchase them.

 Love Holly & the Pageant Girl team x