Ms Galaxy UK & Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland & Wales 2018 – The Results!

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Latest News

The grand final of Ms Galaxy UK, Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland and Miss Teen Galaxy Wales, were held on Friday the 23rd of March at the Park Hall Hotel, Lancashire!

Three beautiful queens were crowned and have all won themselves places at the international Galaxy Pageants in Orlando! Here are the full results from the finals:



Ms Charity – Jenny Mcloughlin (North Liverpool) – raised £1,989.17 for The Christie

Miss Teen Charity (Scotland) – Tayler Holman (Inverurie) – raised £1,007 for The Christie

Miss Teen Charity (Wales) – Mia-Rose Lewis (Gwent) – raised £841.12 for The Christie

Ms Popularity – Karina Sheard (West Yorkshire)

Miss Teen Popularity (Scotland) – Charmaine Wishart (Aberdeenshire)

Miss Teen Popularity (Wales) – Olivia Grant (Powys)

Ms Publicity Queen – Lisa Cox (Blackpool)

Miss Teen Publicity Queen (Scotland) – Naomi Cordiner (West Lothian)

Miss Teen Publicity Queen (Wales) – Mia-Rose Lewis (Gwent)

Ms Congeniality – Shany Hagan (York)

Miss Teen Congeniality (Scotland) – Jazmine Nichol (Scottish Borders)

Miss Teen Congeniality (Wales) – Cleo Fish (Cardiff)

Ms Photogenic – Radmila Georgieva (Kensington)

Miss Teen Photogenic (Scotland) – Tayler Holman (Inverurie)

Miss Teen Photogenic (Wales) – Cleo Fish (Cardiff)

Best in Fashion Wear (Ms) – Beth Greenham (Wirral)

Best in Fashion Wear (Scotland) – Chloe Compson (North Lanarkshire)

Best in Fashion Wear (Wales) – Alyssa Watts (Swansea)

Best in Swimwear (Ms) – Beth Greenham (Wirral)

Best in Swimwear (Scotland) – Jazmine Nichol (Scottish Borders)

Best in Swimwear (Wales) – Alyssa Watts (Swansea)

Best in Evening Wear (Ms) – Jenny Mcloughlin (North Liverpool)

Best in Evening Wear (Scotland) – Jazmine Nichol (Scottish Borders)

Best in Evening Wear (Wales) – Mia-Rose Lewis (Gwent)

Best in Interview (Ms) – Beth Greenham (Wirral)

Best in Interview (Scotland) – Jazmine Nichol (Scottish Borders)

Best in Interview (Wales) – Mia-Rose Lewis (Gwent)


Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland:

2nd Runner Up – Jade Compson (Glasgow)

1st Runner Up – Chloe Compson (North Lanarkshire)

Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland – Jazmine Nichol (Scottish Borders)

Miss Teen Galaxy Wales:

1st Runner Up – Alyssa Watts (Swansea)

Miss Teen Galaxy Wales – Mia-Rose Lewis (Gwent)

Ms Galaxy UK:

Top 10 (no particular order):

Kayleigh Mansfield (Manchester)

Marlena Kelli (Leeds)

Ellie Redshaw (Surrey)

Karina Sheard (West Yorkshire)

Christina White (Kent)

4th Runner Up – Lisa Cox (Blackpool)

3rd Runner Up – Siobhan Brindley (West Midlands)

2nd Runner Up – Aryana Vashisht (Southampton)

1st Runner Up – Jenny Mcloughlin (North Liverpool)

Ms Galaxy UK – Beth Greenham (Wirral)


HUGE congratulations to all of our fabulous finalists and new queens – Beth, Jazmine, & Mia-Rose, you were all incredible!!

Photography – Paul Carroll