Kayleigh Atkinson, our Mrs Galaxy UK, was thrilled to be a special guest at the first ever final of Miss Unique Beauty UK!


‘Miss Unique Beauty UK was established with the vow to make history and lifelong change for all the right reasons!


The aim was to show that no matter what EVERY WOMAN is beautiful! To all these incredible woman taking part this has been the most incredible, emotional and humbling journey to watch.


You are all winners and deserve to be celebrated in every way!


I attended this event to support the girls, embrace and believe in their vision!


 All of these contestants have been through something life changing, in a way that has physically marked them for life. They are all celebrating their individuality and embracing what makes them unique.


Inspiring others all over the globe to please reach out and message if you’re feeling unwanted, sad, ugly, shy or any other descriptive word because we are a powerful force of women and we can support you to feel and be the most amazing version of yourself!’


What a fabulous appearance, well done Kayleigh!