Miss Teen Great Britain, Imogen Chapman, was invited to visit the SAMPAT project in Bali!

by | Aug 10, 2019 | Latest News, Queen's Appearances

Miss Teen Great Britain, Imogen Chapman, has recently returned from her trip to Bali where was invited to visit the SAMPAT project in the village of Taro!


‘Sampat is a project created by Wayan Wardika. It aims to teach the children of Bali about plastic pollution and waste management. Each day the children take part in a clean up of their village, and collect as much rubbish as they can. What they learn at the project, they take home and share with their families and friends so that everyone in the village is able to be involved. Wayan believes that you must begin to teach the children first, as it’s them who will have the biggest impact.

Whilst in the village, the team at Sampat invited me on a trek through Taro. We arrived at a local families house first, where the project that Wayan has been working on was proven to be working. By separating the plastic from their waste, each family can earn financial rewards.

The trek was incredible, and we even had the reward of a hidden waterfall at the end of it! To see the children playing in the water, and having so much fun was so special! Once we returned the family home, we were told by Wayan that his Aunt had prepared us a Balinese home cooked lunch, to say thank you for coming to visit them. The food was amazing, and I felt so blessed to have been welcomed into their home.

Once we’d said our goodbyes, we took a visit to Wayan’s camp – Tegal Dukuh. The aim of this camp, is to allow people to get back in touch with nature, to hopefully prompt them to become more involved with Sampat.

After we said our goodbyes to Wayan, the Bali Rotary Club took me to another village where I was able to meet a group of children who were being taught English at Rumah Belajar Sadewa, which was created by a local man called Dewa. Dewa decided to create these classes as the schools throughout Bali have needed to cancel English classes due to funding costs. I was amazed at how well the children were doing! We played a few games, and I asked them many basic questions, in which they all answered perfectly!

I was so honoured to have been welcomed by everyone I had met that day the way I was. One of the helpers at the Sampat project has created a YouTube video of the visit. I feel it sums up my day perfectly.


Be sure you keep your eyes peeled, as this is not the last you will be hearing of SAMPAT!