Miss Teen Great Britain – Evanjelin Elchmanar, wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

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Our lovely Miss Teen Great Britain – Evanjelin Elchmanar, would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

‘Is it really almost Christmas already? It’s just crazy that time can go by so quick, every time I start to type, I get nostalgic.  I start to think of how blank my mind was on the grand stage at the Globe theatre, from when my name was announced, to just snapping back into reality with my eyes full of tears, my hands holding a beautiful sceptre, my head held high with such a heavy crown and a sash on my shoulder; stating me as your Miss Teen Great Britain 2017/18. None of this is possible without our REAL-LIFE superwomen Holly and her amazing team.

Coming from the juniors only a year ago, I was getting a little nervous, to this day I don’t know why, but I was so excited, yet a little terrified to be among such a beautiful bunch of girls. To prepare for the finals it was such a rush, from travelling all around the UK to making appearances and raising money for charity and even heading abroad to Greece, I had the chance to meet so many inspirational people on my journey, who have motivated me and gave that push, to just give it my all in the grand finale.

Even with all the hard work going into the finals, I was having such a hard time, one of the most important and inspirational women in my life had passed away just a few days before the competition, my grandmother had always given me advice about life, one being to never give up on your dreams and ambitions. Being ambitious to compete this year had set me on my path to achieving one of my greatest dreams. Though achieving the prestigious title of Miss Teen Great Britain, I still feel my younger self greater than ever still following her passion for charity work, travelling and getting to meeting new people.

So, to all you finalists, you are all amazing, no matter what hardships you face throughout the year just know that you’ll have new sisters waiting to meet you and support you and as cliché as it sounds you are all winners! Not to have a feminist outrage or anything, we all share the crown together because we all made a change in our communities, which shows people how strong, powerful and courageous girls are.

As some people may know I was born on Christmas day, so my message to you is to leave 2017 with a positive attitude and welcome all the opportunities you will face in 2018!!



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