Miss Teen Galaxy, Misha Grimes, and Mrs Galaxy UK, Tanya Collins, were invited to judge the Ireland Galaxy Pageants!

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Latest News, Queen's Appearances

Misha Grimes, Miss Teen Galaxy, and Tanya Collins, Mrs Galaxy UK, were invited to judge the Ireland Galaxy Pageants and had such an amazing time!

Here’s what Misha had to say about her day:

‘It was such an honour to join the judging panel and discover who would be joining me in the States next year for the 16th Annual Galaxy International final!!

Thank you to Jennie Lynch for inviting me to such a fabulous event; it truly was an amazing competition!!

Huge congrats to all of Team Ireland!!

Teen Galaxy Ireland- Kristen Kavanagh
Miss Galaxy Ireland- Megan Cronin
Ms Galaxy Ireland – Laura Louise
Mrs Galaxy Ireland – Charlotte Cassie Clemie

I know you are an incredible bunch & I wish you all the luck in the world.’

Congratulations Team Galaxy Ireland, we can’t wait to see you in Orlando!