Miss International UK, Harriotte Lane, wishes you all the best for 2020!


2019 has been a year when my biggest wishes came true.


As my Galaxy chapter came to the end in March, I took the decision to take a year out as I was ageing up and then come back as a Miss in 2020…. that did not happen, as I stepped off the stage the realisation that my life without the platform of pageants was too empty, so I took the decision to compete in the Power Pageant and go for the dream title of Miss International UK. The new plan was to go, have fun, make friends and learn the difference in the Miss category. 


The finals of Miss International UK were incredible, 2 days of fun, self-development and friendship. Before the results were announced I had already decided I was coming back next year…. and then I went and won! I was even applauding the winner as they announced my name, I didn’t expect it to be me that was flying off to Japan for a once in a lifetime trip!


The next few months were spent planning and preparing for Japan. Rachel Allan dresses were picked so that I had the most impeccable wardrobe and one of the world’s top pageant couture designers, Anaz, invited me to Indonesia to collect two gowns for the finals. 


Flying halfway around the world at 18 on my own was a little bit scary but also a huge achievement and great preparation for what was going to be almost a month in Japan. 


I blinked and Japan was here!! Omg, this was the best time of my life, I can’t even begin to explain how this has changed my life and already the opportunities that I have because of it, including another trip to Indonesia! I now have friends all over the world and memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


That moment I stepped on the Miss International stage in Tokyo was the best moment of my life, I have wanted to walk that stage and stand with some of the most inspirational women from across the world since I first watched it at the age of 13. 


The icing on the cake was reaching my goal of making the top 15. It didn’t end there, I was shocked when I took the last place in the top 8! The realisation that I should have learned my speech hit me!!!! 


At Miss International, the top 5 is considered as a win and I had read about the incredible prizes and additional experiences those winners got and I was excited to see which of my friends in the top 8 would win these. Beyond my expectations I placed 4th runner up, the youngest on the stage and I was to be part of the Miss International Royal Court with my beautiful friend Bint as my Queen. 


This year marks 5 years as part of the Pageant Girl family, I’m proud to have competed in all of the systems (except the new Miss Pageant Girl of course). I have grown from a shy, socially awkward teenager into a confident woman with experience of the world and to be the highest placing UK International contestant in 2019 and only matched in Europe by one other contestant, France, in the major Grand Slam pageants this year.


I have achieved my greatest dream and now have the belief in myself to set even greater goals for 2020 and beyond, including setting up my own business The Crown Coach. 


As this year comes to a close, I am so grateful for every opportunity being part of the Pageant Girl family has brought me and also thankful for the incredible people I leave this year with. 


My message to my pageant girls out there, don’t believe the myths and legends others set up in pageants about age, size, race or any other boundaries set around competing. Believe in yourself, set your own goals and let the crown be the cherry on the top. I’ve gained so much from being part of Miss International UK and the International finals because I was not fixated on winning, I was focused on getting the most from the experience and I most certainly did!!


Wishing you the 2020 you hope and work hard for!



Harriotte Lane

Miss International UK