Miss Grand Wales, Nadia Suliman – ‘Miss Grand International taught me so much’

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Nadia Suliman travelled to Vietnam in October 2017 to compete in the Miss Grand International pageant! Nadia spent three weeks in Vietnam having the time of her life!

Here is what she had to say about her experience:

‘I am so happy that I was able to represent Wales in Miss Grand International 2017 and it made me so sad to leave Vietnam. Miss Grand International taught me so much as person, and I actually think I gained so much within those 3 weeks I was away with the competition.

My favourite part of the competition was the national costume, where I was able to dress as a huge daffodil and show the world the Welsh national flower! I did put a lot of effort and preparation into designing my costume, with an amazing lady Sina Japal to make it for me! I loved seeing how much effort the girls had gone to with their costumes, some having more than 5 boxes to get it to Vietnam!

We visited so many places within the 3 weeks such as the paradise caves, a theme park, a safari, a winery and we were able to go sand dune surfing! My favourite had to be the safari as I’ve never seen real life lions, giraffes and tigers! You don’t see many of them in Wales! I think another activity I loved was sand dune surfing, it was the most tiring but most fun experience I’ve ever done and I really enjoyed that day with my sister queens.

The competition taught me to accept me for what I am and love it, because we are all so different but so good in our own ways. It taught me to realise it’s okay to ask for help or receive it, which I don’t normally do. I loved making friends with the most amazing, uplifting and supportive women I’ve ever met too, and we still keep in touch today and will do forever.

My biggest advice would be to prepare well in advance your final gown, your outfits for everyday, your national costume because you won’t be stressed at the last minute which is awful when you should be enjoying it.

And also, make friends with the girls because they will 100% be the ones you turn to, or be their support when you both have tough days.

Thank you Holly for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime, I will never forget it!!!

Love Nadia x’

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