Miss Grand England, Christina Baker’s experience at MGI in Myanmar!

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Latest News, Pageant Girl Blog

Christina Baker, our gorgeous Miss Grand England, won her first pageant this year! She was crowned Miss Grand England at the UK Power Pageant and then went on to represent her country at the Miss Grand International final in Myanmar! Christina had the most incredible three weeks in Myanmar and made friends from all over the world! She represented England fantastically too! Here’s what Christina had to say about her experience!

Where do I start, it’s been around a month since me and my fellow Grand queens have been home from Miss Grand International and wow was it an experience.

I have only been doing a pageants for just over a year, Power Pageant was the 4th pageant I have ever enter and to win the Miss Grand England title was amazing and a dream come true. I hope I can be an amazing ambassador for Pageant Girl UK as Noky did (former Miss Grand England). If you have seen videos or photographs of my crowning moment, you can tell how excited and shocked I was.

The lead up to internationals was stressful but was the most fun, incredible and exciting experience I could have ever had. The best part of my prep for internationals was designing my national costume as it was something to represent the beautiful England. 

As Noky also said, one of the best parts of becoming a grand queen was gaining two best friends, soul sisters and partners in crime – your sister queens Scotland & Wales. From the day we landed in Myanmar to the day we landed back in England, me, Olivia & Lauren had not stopped laughing and smiling. The whole three weeks we were in Myanmar were jam packed with sightseeing, photoshoots, lots of food & most of the competition days. 

The main thing I was scared and worried about was not actually competing but finding out who my roommate was but when you meet your roomie, they become your best friend, sister, but most of all someone to some speak to when you are feeling that little home sick.

I got warned of the early mornings, late nights and busy days. I didn’t know what to expect but it was more than I have ever experienced in my life. All this was worth it when I was able shout out ‘Miss Grand England’ in-front on millions on tv and was definitely the most amazing moment I had at internationals.

To the bunch of lovely ladies working hard towards Power Pageant, make sure you be yourself, embrace the experience and enjoy meeting new people. We are all amazing in our own way but bring it out and show how much of an amazing role model you can be and how you can represent your country.