Miss Galaxy – UK, Emma Collingridge, delivered over 700 Easter eggs to the wards of her local hospital!

by | May 5, 2019 | Latest News, Queen's Appearances

Emma Collingridge, our Miss Galaxy – UK, visited her local hospital over Easter to deliver lots of eggs to the patients!


‘From 10am till 3pm I was delivering over 700 Easter eggs to most of the wards in my local hospital (safe to say my 10,000 steps for the day have been completed early!).


Last year over the Easter, I was an inpatient being treated for pneumonia and pleurisy. A local pageant girl came to deliver me an Easter egg and I remember how it really cheered me up! So this year I was very passionate about delivering eggs across the hospital as I know first hand what a positive impact this can have on patients. I also stopped by the ward where I was treated to say thank you again to the nurses there. I met some amazing patients, one of whom had just come out of intensive care and asked for a picture with me after I gave her an egg as it had made her day!


Then, to add to the spirit of the day, a convoy of approximately 30 members of the Suffolk Scooterists / Ipswich Vespa Club arrived to donate Easter eggs to the Children’s ward. Whilst delivering them to the ward, I also saw one of my my dear friends who I wish a speedy recovery.’


Great work, Emma!