Merry Christmas from Ms Galaxy UK – Jo Clarke!

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Ms Galaxy UK, Jo Clarke, would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Galaxy Girls! Of course, Christmas means food and presents (I hope you all get the dress of your dreams) but it also means that the Galaxy finals are only three months away! I remember exactly how I felt this time last year and can guess how you all feel and how hard you’re all working. I can’t wait to meet you all. You’re now all part of an amazing pageant family and know that we are all here to support each other. The support of the incredible women I met last March made the finals not only an event to remember but actually a whole year and I’m sure beyond. The final was one of the most empowering and fun experiences I have had, and as you might know, I didn’t actually win on the night – I came first runner up! And look what happened – here I am with a crown and sash! And this year, with one of the first runners up being awarded a crown to celebrate 10 years of Galaxy, anything can happen (and probably will!)

Christmas means so many things to people. I for one, do not practice a faith, but can still really appreciate the religious values that this time of year promotes. One thing I think we all share is a sense of occasion and significance at Christmas. I have found it’s a time of so much opportunity to make appearances, raise awareness about important causes, raise money for our special charities and promote the real spirit of Galaxy. And that got me to thinking about appearances generally.

When I thought I would be competing again next March, I took my sash with me everywhere (still do actually – it’s just comes with a crown now J), and was constantly on the look out to turn every experience into an appearance opportunity. So when Madi (my daughter) and I were refused entry into Canada from America because we didn’t have a visa, out came the sash to highlight that pageant contestants are always prepared (for an appearance – clearly not to get into their country of choice :’)) and never need to panic. 

When my car broke down, I persuaded the garage to repair it for free and for the cost to be donated to the Christie. 

At Christmas last year, I dressed up as Mother Christmas and rode my horse round the estate singing carols to raise money. We meet some re-enactors on the way!

I wouldn’t have done any of these things if it hadn’t been for Galaxy and I loved every minute. So here’s my thought for Christmas. Why don’t we treat every moment as a potential appearance opportunity – sash or no sash, crown or no crown! Just think of the impact, of the difference, we could all make!

So please enjoy every second of your journey to the final, and then every second of the final. Try not to get pre-occupied with winning, or not (I didn’t), or if you’ve done enough appearances, or if you’re the right shape, height, hair colour! Galaxy is about inclusion, empowerment, and fun, fun, fun and I will do my best to my bit to support you all in achieving those goals! 

Happy Christmas Galaxy Girls!!!!

Ms Galaxy UK – Jo Clarke’