Merry Christmas from Miss Teen Galaxy, Misha Grimes!

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Our fabulous Miss Teen Galaxy, Misha Grimes, wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!

‘Wowee and just like that Christmas is just around the corner!! 

I just wanted to wish every single one of you a very Merry Christmas – I hope it is filled with lots of love, laughter & most importantly FOOD!!! (Christmas priorities haha)

I cannot quite believe this new year marks 3 months left of my reign as Miss Teen Galaxy England – be it I am incredibly lucky to continue my reign as Miss Teen Galaxy into the summer of 2018! 

*Just a word of warning grab a snack as we are in for a long ride!!!* 

These past 10 months quite honestly have been the best time of life!! When I take a moment to sit and think about all the magical and life-changing things I have experienced thanks to pageants – the mind boggles!

This time last year I was just a girl with a mighty dream – who worked her butt off, dedicated her heart and lived out her dream one rhinestone at a time! 

My journey was not one based on a fairytale story but a real-life struggle, a mission and a goal I was never giving up on. 

The pinnacle moment of 2017 has to be that night- Saturday, March 11th – the night I was crowned Miss Teen Galaxy England. That moment can only be described as sheer bliss- 4 years of hard work had let up to this point and it is fair to say it didn’t disappoint! 

Now I have the challenge of summarising the most magical 10 months of my life – this is not a short story but one of those 10 thousand page novels. I shall try my absolute hardest to keep this short and sweet but do not hold me to it! 

Post Galaxy UK finals I suddenly had 9 new family members from across the UK! This is where everyone questions pageant girls? How could you be friends with your competition? WELL… it is simple… WE ARE ALL CRAZY!!! 

5 months fly by and I am standing in Manchester Airport at 8 am in Tippy toes. This can only mean one thing… IT IS GALAXY INTERNATIONAL TIME!!!! 

Now when they say enjoy every split second (even the 5 am wake up calls) in pageant land they mean it. One second we were lugging 20 suitcases through Orlando airport and next, we were eating Pizza around the pool reflecting on one of the best week of my life. 

Now *SPOILER ALERT* I did it! I won Miss Teen Galaxy but as Holly Pirrie famously says “winning is just the cherry on top of the cake” (or crown in this instance haha). This quite honestly couldn’t be any more accurate. Crown or not Galaxy International was an experience of a lifetime – from the laughter, the friendships, the dancing (dreadfully in my case), the stories, the memories and most importantly the happy tears!!! Wow, I feel so privileged to have experienced such magic. There truly is no other word to describe Galaxy International but MAGICAL!! (that’s probably why there is a secret Mickey Mouse hiding in my crown). 

So I am now sat here A) wishing I could do it all over again (OWWWH WAIT I DOO!!!!) and B) feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

Now I hope you haven’t fallen asleep with your mince pie in hand by this point so I shall try and wrap this up!

My one word of wisdom (*this obviously not be one word haha SORRY!!) Is anything worth having is worth fighting for … (now I don’t mean a genuine catfight!!) Had I given up on my dreams 4 years ago well not only would I not be living it out all those years ago but also I would NOT be the person I am today (crazy and all) pageants have shaped me into the person I am today!! Now I like to think that person is kinda nice and not doing too much of a bad job (I may be biased though aha). Owwh and another thing- so sorry I just can’t help myself!!! Win or lose this March, the crown is not the be-all and end-all of pageants – the thing that makes it truly incredible is the people sharing that very stage with you! Make friends, make memories, take SOOO many pictures and you never quite now you might be as lucky as me and meet your best-friend- Yes Kloe I am talking about you of course!!! I couldn’t exactly write this mahoosive essay and not give you a mention could I.  So when I reflect on pageantry I don’t see the gowns, the crowns, the glitz, and glam. I see the life-changing friendship I have been given. Without getting too too soppy, thank you pageantry for giving me this special young lady who is just about as crazy as me!! 

Soo to all you lovely ladies out there MERRRRYYYYY CHRISTMASSS!!! If you made it this far than congrats you deserve a crown just for that haha. I pray you all have a safe and joyous festive season and of course not forgetting New Years Eve. May 2018 be as truly fabulous as 2017 for you all!! 

Over and out from Miss Teen Galaxy (wow that never gets old). 

Toddle pip for now; Mishy xoxo’