Meet the new Little Miss Teen Great Britain – Jasmine Vigus Huggins!

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The lovely Jasmine was crowned Little Miss Teen Great Britain just over a month ago at the glittering grand final held at The Globe Theatre in Blackpool!

Little Miss Teen GB was the first competition Jasmine ever took part in and she walked away with the crown!

We just had to ask Jasmine all about her Little Miss Teen GB experience!


What made you want to enter the Miss Teen Great Britain competition?

The reason I wanted to enter Little Miss Teen Great Britain, besides the fact I have a few close friends/family in the industry, was because I wanted to be part of the Pageant Girl sister hood and build my confidence. I have met so many amazing friends over my LMTGB journey and have felt extremely welcomed!


What did your family and friends say when you told them you had entered?

When I had told my friends and family that I had entered they were very very supportive and extremely excited for me. My friends have helped at most of my fundraising events which was really amazing.


What did you do to prepare for the final?

In preparation for the finals I tried my best at making loads of appearances and raising as much money as possible but also spent time practising walking in my dresses.


What was your favourite part of the grand final weekend? (besides winning the crown)

My favourite part of the whole weekend was definitely the main show. I had so so so much fun and enjoyed every second on stage. I also really liked the pyjama party, we had lots of pizza and fun.


How did your friends and family react when you won?

In the audience my aunty live streamed the crowning on Facebook with over 50 people from my home town in Cornwall watching! When my name was called and I was crowned the comment section went crazy. Everyone was so happy and thrilled for me, it was really amazing!!


Who is your role model?

My role model is 100% my mum. My mum has been by my side and helped me to be where I am today. I couldn’t have done it without her!


What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be working in a music video or on tv, presenting or acting.


What is your favourite TV programme\film?

My favourite tv programme is definitely Eastenders or Coronation Street and my favourite film is Pitch Perfect!


Do you have any plans for your year as a Miss Teen Great Britain queen?

I don’t have any exact plans right now, I want to do a lot of travelling over Great Britain for appearances and watch and support other pageants. I am going to make sure I grab every opportunity that comes along and make the most of every single second as everyone has told me it goes very fast.


When you aren’t busy being a beauty queen, what do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

In my spare time I love to dance. I do various styles and do a lot of competitions! I have been dancing since a young age and really enjoy it.


What advice would you give to girls who want to enter the Miss Teen Great Britain competition?

To any girls unsure whether to enter I would say definitely definitely enter. I had never entered a pageant before and now it has completely changed my life in the most amazing way! Try not to focus on the winning but everything else you gain like the amazing friends, the experience and just be yourself and have fun.


Describe your Miss Teen Great Britain experience in three words?

My LMTGB experience in 3 words – unreal, amazing and exciting


Jasmine Vigus Huggins – Little Miss Teen Great Britain xox