Kayleigh Atkinson, has been using her Mrs Galaxy UK title to promote her body confidence platform!

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Latest News, Queen's Appearances

Our Mrs Galaxy UK, Kayleigh Atkinson, has been using her title to promote her body confidence platform!


‘Appearance number 1 and the most important to me and my campaign/platform!




For those who do not know my journey, I have battled weight from the first day I can remember! I was caught up in a world where social media had just took off and the pressure of the perfect look and being a certain way was the most import thing to me… anyone remember ‘BEBO’ and ‘My space’….


The social media influences are the strongest influence in the world (referenced by me) and in my daily job as a child mental health nurse, I see the sadness of the impact of social media daily!


This week my WW Coach Danielle Stout, discussed why having a positive mind set is so important!


We constantly tell ourselves how horrible we look, or put ourselves down! But what we need to be doing is loving ourselves more!


It has took me years to learn to love myself and appreciate my look! But now I am the happiest I have ever been!


Shifting my mindset has made me feel more confident, had made me happier and more outgoing. My new mindset has made me less irritable and more care free!


I am who I am! And that is good enough because I love myself and this is the message we need to preach!’


What a fabulous message to send out, well done Kayleigh!