Junior Miss Galaxy UK & Miss Teen Galaxy – UK 2019 – The Results!

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Event Photos, Latest News, Pageant Girl Blog

The glittering grand final of Junior Miss Galaxy UK and Miss Teen Galaxy – UK, were held on Saturday the 9th of March at the Park Hall Hotel, Lancashire!

Two amazing queens were crowned and have won themselves places at the international Galaxy Pageants in Orlando!

Here are the full results from the finals:


Junior Miss Charity – Freya Moore (Leicestershire) – raised £2,419.36 for The Christie

Miss Teen Charity – Milli Jo Adair (Liverpool) – raised £1,903.34 for The Christie

Junior Miss Photogenic – Poppy-Eloise Gordon (Wrexham)

Miss Teen Photogenic – Milli Jo Adair (Liverpool)

Junior Miss Publicity Queen – Amber Hood (Essex)

Miss Teen Publicity Queen – Alyssa Watts (Swansea)

Junior Miss Congeniality – Layla Gauntlett (Northampton)

Miss Teen Congeniality – Lauren Sargent (Sevenoaks)

Best in Interview (Junior) – Farryn Smith (Stirlingshire)

Best in Interview (Teen) – Catriona Nunan-Davidson (Manchester)

Best in Fashion Wear (Junior) – Farryn Smith (Stirlingshire)

Best in Fashion Wear (Teen) – Ruby Hill (Cheshire)

Best in Evening Wear (Junior) – Poppy-Eloise Gordon (Wrexham)

Best in Evening Wear (Teen) – Chey Fish (Cardiff)

Best in Swimwear (Teen) – Ruby Hill (Cheshire)


Junior Miss Galaxy UK Top 5

4th RU – Amber Hood (Essex)

3rd RU – Freya Moore (Leicestershire)

2nd RU – Layla Gauntlett (Northampton)

1st RU – Poppy-Eloise Gordon (Wrexham)

Junior Miss Galaxy UK – Farryn Smith (Stirlingshire)

Miss Teen Galaxy – UK Top 16 (no particular order)

Beaux Mackenzie (Inverness)

Shania Lockyer (Poole)

Beth Walker (Northwich)

Lauren Sargent (Sevenoaks)

Alexandra Smith (West Sussex)

Casie Austin (Pickering)

Top 10 (no particular order)

Jaz Cuggy (Vale of Glamorgan)

Hannah Webster (Nairn)

Katie Donnelly (Northamptonshire)

Chloe-Rose Adkin (North Nottingham)

Rachel Loftus (Glasgow)

Top 5

4th RU – Catriona Nunan-Davidson (Manchester)

3rd RU – Milli Jo Adair (Liverpool)

2nd RU – Alyssa Watts (Swansea)

1st RU – Chey Fish (Cardiff)

Miss Teen Galaxy – UK – Ruby Hill (Cheshire)

HUGE congratulations to our new queens – Farryn & Ruby, we know you’re going to have the most amazing year as Galaxy queens!

Congratulations to all of our amazing finalists too, it was so lovely to meet you all and over the whole weekend, over £37,000 was raised by our finalists for The Christie, taking the UK Galaxy Pageants fundraising total over £250,000! Well done everyone!

Photography – Brian Hayes