The grand final of Junior Miss Galaxy UK & Miss Teen Galaxy England, were held on Saturday the 24th of March at the Park Hall Hotel, Lancashire!

Two gorgeous queens were crowned and have won themselves places at the international Galaxy Pageants in Orlando! Here are the full results from the finals:



Junior Miss Charity – Poppy-Eloise Gordon (Wrexham) – raised £2,787 for The Christie

Miss Teen Charity  – Harriotte Lane (Tyne & Wear) – raised £4,042.93 for The Christie

Junior Miss Popularity – Katie Lax (County Durham)

Miss Teen Popularity – Harriotte Lane (Tyne & Wear)

Junior Miss Publicity Queen – Poppy-Eloise Gordon (Wrexham)

Miss Teen Publicity Queen  – Harriotte Lane (Tyne & Wear)

Junior Miss Congeniality – Abigail Dunford (Weymouth)

Miss Teen Congeniality  – Grace Foster (Northamptonshire)

Junior Miss Photogenic – May Parry (Walsall)

Miss Teen Photogenic  – Ella-Louise Rees (Thorpe)

Best in Fashion Wear (Junior) – May Parry (Walsall)

Best in Fashion Wear (Teen) – Harriotte Lane (Tyne & Wear)

Best in Swimwear (Teen) – Harriotte Lane (Tyne & Wear)

Best in Evening Wear (Junior) – May Parry (Walsall)

Best in Evening Wear (Teen) – Harriotte Lane (Tyne & Wear)

Best in Interview (Junior) – Chey Fish (Cardiff)

Best in Interview (Teen) – Harriotte Lane (Tyne & Wear)


Junior Miss Galaxy UK:

Top 8 (no particular order):

Lene Marsden (Sheffield)

Taylor-Kent Barton (Kent)

Katie Lax (County Durham)

4th Runner Up – Chantella Noble (Cheshire)

3rd Runner Up – Rosa Koshti (Devon)

2nd Runner Up – Poppy-Eloise Gordon (Wrexham)

1st Runner Up – Chey Fish (Cardiff)

Junior Miss Galaxy UK – May Parry (Walsall)

Miss Teen Galaxy England

Top 10 (no particular order):

Kaira Farrier (Durham)

Sumera Harrison (North Tyneside)

Grace Foster (Northamptonshire)

Angel Yussof (Plymouth)

Georgina Lawrence (Hampshire)

4th Runner Up – Lucy Assassa (Wakefield)

3rd Runner Up – Bethany Blissett (Northampton)

2nd Runner Up – Anna-Marie Uzokwe (North Hertfordshire)

1st Runner Up – Ella-Louise Rees (Thorpe)

Miss Teen Galaxy UK – Harriotte Lane (Tyne & Wear)

HUGE congratulations to all of our fabulous finalists and new queens – May & Harriotte, you were all amazing!!

Photography – Paul Carroll