Is this the greatest pageant handover EVER?

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A pageant handover to remember…..Sarah Pritchard was crowned Mrs Galaxy UK in February 2016 and I’ll be honest, I don’t think the pageant world knew what it was letting itself in for!

In the UK, Sarah wowed the judges, not only on stage but in her interview too. Sarah had a strong message – she was unapologetically herself. Her beauty was undeniable but it was her personality that had everyone hooked. I had the pleasure of being Sarah’s pageant director and after working with her for over a year, I can vouch that she wasn’t playing up for the judges – she really was ‘Mrs Congeniality’ in real life too! Sarah is hilarious, honest, friendly, compassionate and she likes to be a little different. She tends to avoid conforming to stereotypes and as a beauty queen, she wanted to show what it was really like being a pageant girl – it’s not the fake smiles and cat fights that the press will have you believe, rather it’s being part of a sisterhood, making memories, being active in your community, having the confidence to be yourself….. and it’s a lot of FUN!

Sarah travelled to Orlando, Florida, to compete in the international final of the Mrs Galaxy pageant and proving that you don’t need years of pageant experience to win a crown (her first pageant was Mrs Galaxy UK!), she dazzled the judges & won the international crown! One year later, she was back on the Galaxy International Pageant stage ready to crown the new winner. In the months before her handover, Sarah had addressed with me that she had wanted to do something a little different for her final walk, something that would be more ‘her’ … she had a plan but she was not sure how it would go down. She refused to tell me what it was and as her final moment on stage came, I sat with baited breath waiting to see what she had instore for us all! 

Well, I certainly had not predicted the performance that she came out with and I think it will go down as one of the greatest pageant handovers EVER! It was amazing but it’s best that you view it, in order to fully understand it’s greatness. Mrs Galaxy 2017, was determined to make her final walk one to remember – and she certainly succeeded!

This was Sarah’s EPIC pageant handover … with a hint of the Fresh Prince of Belair! You can be a part of this by entering UK Galaxy Pageants by clicking here – no experience needed and for ages 11 upwards!

Lots of love,

Holly @ Pageant Girl x