Get to know your Mrs Galaxy UK – Kayleigh Atkinson!

by | May 2, 2019 | Latest News, Pageant Girl Blog

Kayleigh Atkinson, was crowned Mrs Galaxy UK, on Friday the 8th of March, at the grand final of the UK Galaxy Pageants! Kayleigh has such an incredible year ahead of her as a Galaxy queen which will include jetting off to Orlando this summer with her sister queens for the experience of a lifetime at the international Galaxy Pageants! Get to know Kayleigh a little better by reading her interview below!


What made you want to enter the UK Galaxy Pageants?

How long do you all have to read this answer.. I’m sure like many girls, the reason you started pageants is not the same reason as why you do them now… so here goes …

Since the day I can remember I have struggled with my weight and always thought I was not worthy. Not worthy of friends, relationships or family! I kept a lot of these issues to myself and always had low self-esteem! Throughout my teens, I made up for the way I was feeling by being the loud bubbly friend!

So 3 years ago now, I finally got the motivation to lose weight! And I lost over 50lb with WW! YEY 

BUT, it still wasn’t enough! 

The lightest I had ever been and still wasn’t happy! I gained all my weight back on, due to giving up and went on a journey of self-discovery! 

When I hit the Galaxy stage for the first time in 2017, it was to show how amazing my weight loss journey was and inspire others to do this same! 

However, my reason for doing Galaxy this year is completely different!

That leads me on to the question; 


What did you do to prepare for the final?

So…. When Kevin asked me this question at Miss Teen GB I joked and said I have donated my left kidney! For me this journey was about self-discovery and I wanted to achieve personal goals that I know Galaxy has pushed me to achieve! Galaxy motivated me to tick so many things off my bucket list and I felt amazing doing it!

I could write huge amounts about what I did to prepare such as 80 appearances, volunteering in a baby orphanage, helping the homeless, raising £818 for the Christie charity, but I can tell you one thing that was the most important to me… 

Mental preparation:

I prepared myself in ways I never thought I could! Particularly around my weight and body confidence. Never in my life have I accepted myself, for me, and I have always had thoughts like ‘she wouldn’t like me because I am over weight’ or ‘pageant girls won’t be my friend because I look bigger’…. I am 27 and still struggled with that until this year!

learning to just be me has empowered me to shout loud and proud about who I am! 

Pageants are tough let’s be honest, because you instantly start to compare yourself with every other competitor! The moment you realise you do not need to do that, is the moment you have already won! 

At this point you’re enjoying the amazing experience, making friends and showing the world the true YOU! And that’s who people fall in love with! 

You know what? it doesn’t matter if you’re loud, quiet, shy, boisterous, giddy etc, just be confident as you!  


What is the best thing about being a Galaxy Girl? 

The recognition for the hard work! Now that sentence covers so many things! 

  1. the recognition with regards to everything I did appearance-wise, traveling 4,000 miles all around the UK and of course our Morocco trip! 
  2. Being a Galaxy girl gives you such a sense of pride. It gives you an unbelievable platform to support others! To be a positive role model and give you that public eye that’s needed to inspire the lives of others! That truly is what makes being a Galaxy girl amazing! 
  3. The sisterhood! The amazing family that you adopt and become part of! That friendship and bond that is currently feeling amazing! The girls and Pageant Girl team are there in a click! And I love them all so much! 


Who is your role model and why?

I have many role models that shape my life in different ways! People I aspire to in pageant land, people I aspire to in my married life, people who motive me to be a better person, people I look up to in my professional life.

My husband Liam is my role model! He picks me up when I am down! He is so strong in every way! He knows me more than myself and is my true love! 

Mammy Lynda has been my scaffolding from day one! And is my rock in life! 

My current girl crush is Kayleigh Fay, a curve model who inspires me daily to be yourself and fight for your dreams no matter how you look!

What matters is that you learn from your role models, you make your own mistakes and you figure out what path to take next time!

I hope I make an amazing role model for someone else.


What part of the international Galaxy Pageants in Orlando are you most excited about?

Literally just having the opportunity to travel with my sister queens to Orlando and meeting with all the girls from around the world! I honestly think I am way too giddy about Orlando! I am like a toddler at Christmas right now! I want to talk to everyone! I just want to give everyone a big hug and laugh the night away! Of course, I am really excited about hitting the stage again and working hard for my UK title, but I want to have the best time with all my pageant family!


Tell us your:

Favourite film/tv programmeoh wow this is a hard one. For anyone that knows me really well, knows that I do not spend a lot of time watching tv. In fact, I really struggle to sit still long enough. So you will find that I start something and don’t finish it, or I remember bits of a film! Growing up I was always a Disney fan! Me and my little brother Colin use to have movies night every week! His favourite was Matilda! I’m settling on nemo.

Favourite food – BISCOFF! Without a doubt! I mean I love food full stop and plenty of it! But Biscoff Krispy Kreme donuts are just out of this world!

Favourite songI love anything with a beat to dance to! Get me on the dance floor!

Favourite beauty/make-up productoh easy peasy! Just send an actual makeup artist! Honestly, I am terrible at makeup. I wish I was ‘ok’ but I’m not going to pretend I am! No matter how many YouTube videos I watch, I do not get any better! So please if anyone is at any events and wants to support a helpless queen with painting her face, then just shout up, or just pass me the Nivea and I’ll go bare faced!

Dream holiday destinationMaldives!!!!!! I want to see the swimming pigs! I love pigs, they are pink and cute and these ones swim! Oh such a dream!


Do you have any exciting plans/appearances organised for your year as a Galaxy queen?

My aim as a Galaxy Queen is to continually promote body positivity and a healthy mind! So watch out on my Facebook page for things I have planned! 


When you aren’t busy being a beauty queen, what do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies? 

Ok little giggle… ‘free time’ my husband just shouted what is that? So I love being on the go! I work as a paediatric mental health nurse Monday- Friday then really lots of my weekends are pageant events/ charity work / volunteering, and then I squeeze in some family and friend time! I am sorry to all my non pageant family / friends I promise I will see you soon.


What advice would you give to girls who are thinking about entering the UK Galaxy Pageants? 

Why are you still thinking about entering? GO GRAB IT GIRL! The only fear is not facing the fear! So just run at the dream and sparkle all over it! No matter what your size or shape, your colour or race! All the queens are completely different but perfect! And so are you! 

I beg you to message me for any support! I do think people would say I am approachable and honestly so down to earth that I would happily support you with anything you need!