Get to know your Ms Galaxy UK – Beth Greenham!

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Latest News, Pageant Girl Blog

28 year old Beth Greenham from The Wirral was crowned Ms Galaxy UK at the UK Galaxy Pageants 10th anniversary! Get to know Beth by reading her interview below!


What made you want to enter the UK Galaxy Pageants?

My first galaxy experience was in 2010 and ever since I’ve been in awe of what the system stands for. Its inclusion of every type of woman is what inspires and motivates me and so I couldn’t resist re-entering for a chance to wear the coveted galaxy crown.


What did you do to prepare for the final?

In prep for the final I made lots of appearances, did a lot of dress shopping, ate extra veg to make my skin glow and worked extra hard in the gym. I desperately wanted to do well in interview and the treadmill became my practise space for every interview question imaginable. I probably looked like I was talking to myself!


What is the best thing about being a Galaxy Girl?

Being a Galaxy Girl has given me the sisters I’ve never had. Like minded girls with similar interests, tons of female empowerment and access to an extensive collection of killer gowns!


Who is your inspiration?

In relation to Galaxy it has to be the incredible Misha Grimes. A zest for life, a big heart, perseverance and sheer determination have been the perfect recipe for her success. Shes living the dream we are all reaching for. More long term, Jennifer Lopez, who looks that good at nearly 50?! We can only hope!


What part of the international Galaxy Pageants in Orlando are you most excited about?

The plane to the pageant… you know that feeling when you’re in the airport going ANYWHERE, well imagine it multiplied by a billion… you’re going to Florida, about to live out your life long dream, you’re doing it with your 9 new sisters, and all you can talk about for the next 9 hours is the possibilities the week ahead holds! I cant even imagine the excitement levels!


Tell us your favourite:

Film/tv programme – favourite film of all time is The Holiday, I can watch it and recite it even when its not Christmas. Currently obsessing over the programme Suits.

Food – I cant choose between cheese or chocolate

Song – higher and higher by Jackie Wilson (reminds me of my dad)

Beauty/make-up product – semi-permanent eye lashes


Do you have any exciting plans/appearances organised for your year as a Galaxy queen?

I am hoping to complete ten 10k runs within my year to promote the importance of being physically and mentally fit.


When you aren’t busy being a beauty queen, what do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

My hobby is make up, I work for a wedding company and I make brides and bridesmaids look extra fabulous for their special day. I also love looking after my gorgeous puppy Luna the Cockerpoo.


What advice would you give to girls who are thinking about entering the UK Galaxy Pageants?

You will never have any regrets if you know you’ve given something your all, so dive in, get involved and take advantage of all the amazing opportunities this season pageant presents.


Phototgraphy – Van Der Meuwe