Get to know Jazmine Nichol, Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland!

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17 year old Jazmine Nichol was crowned Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland at the UK Galaxy Pageants 10th anniversary! Get to know Jazmine by reading her interview below!

What made you want to enter the UK Galaxy Pageants?

For those who don’t know, my parents and myself changed our flight to America so that we would be able to support and cheer on Team UK in internationals last year. It was when I was watching this that I realised that I wanted to be a Galaxy Girl and the rest is history!

What did you do to prepare for the final?

To prepare for the final I made it my mission to become the best version of myself. With this I really made sure to work hard for the charity Melanoma Me, which is a skin cancer charity, that focuses on the patients and family well-being. This is a subject close to my heart as my dad, last July, straight after Orlando was diagnosed with melanoma. This is why I now at 17 am a patron of the charity so I spent my time on the run up to the final raising awareness for this and helping those affected with it to let them know they are not alone.

What is the best thing about being a Galaxy Girl?

There are so many amazing elements about being a Galaxy Girl! But for myself I think it is most defiantly the sisterhood! This year we have 10 queens with the Galaxy 10 crown and I could not imagine a better group of girls. We all have such a strong bond and support each other so much and it’s only been a matter of weeks!  I feel so blessed to have such amazing sister queens and I know we will be friends for life!

Who is your inspiration?

I have so many inspirations as strong women are truly ruling the world and I love seeing this as much as anyone. One of many strong women in this day and age is Gal Gadot, she is known for playing Wonder Woman who alone is an inspiration to any young girl out there especially her Amazons who are all strong fighting women showing the young girls and the new generation that women can do anything as good as or even better than boys. But prior to the film, at the age of 18 she was crowned as Miss Israel 2014. She then went on to break stereotypes of pageants serving two years in the Israel Defence Forces as a Combat Instructor. This is the type of woman that we need for young girls to associate with role models.

What part of the international Galaxy Pageants in Orlando are you most excited about?

I am so excited about the full week! However I am so excited for the pyjama party as I know myself and my sisters have something VERY funny up our sleeves! It is so important to relax and enjoy ourselves, as Internationals is the experience of a lifetime it is vital to have fun at the end of the day.

Tell us your favourite:

Film/TV programme – most definitely Legally Blonde! As a Government and Politics student the fictional icon that is Elle Woods is my spirit animal. My nickname from past and present teachers and students is Elle. I am aware that although she isn’t a real person she embodies everything that a woman with a dream should posses. Her character’s growth and realising her full potential, that hard work leads to success with self-belief is a motivating message. I am so glad I grew up watching this and realising how amazing strong women are! Not forgetting the scented paper essays and her cute Chihuahua companion Bruiser!

Food – always forever the chilli sirloin steak ramen! Anyone who knows me knows my love for spicy food as it is what I grew up on.

Song – is always going to be Fifth Harmony – That’s my girl. This holds a special meaning to me as I associate it with when my sister queens and pageant girls are on stage, I think that’s my girl with a sense of pride. The message about carrying on and picking yourself up is truly inspirational.

Beauty product – definitely foundation as it is the canvas for the rest of your makeup. To be specific it is the Fenty beauty foundation as not only does it show your actual skin underneath which is very important but the shade range of 40 colours is amazing to see as every girl has the perfect shade for themselves and it is amazing to see a product that caters forever skin colour.

Do you have any exciting plans/appearances organised for your year as a Galaxy Queen?

So far in my diary I am in a different area of the UK every weekend on the run up to internationals as well as straight after! Make sure you like my Facebook page and follow my Instagram to keep up with me!

When you aren’t busy being a beauty queen, what do you do in your free time?

Between doing appearances and studying for my A levels I have barely no free time. However when I have free time I have the secret talent of binge watching multiple seasons of TV series on Netflix! All I need is coffee and chocolate and that’s me sorted for the next 48 hours!

Do you have any Hobbies?

When I initially started pageants I gave up my full time hobby of Ballroom and Latin dancing however in the past year I have re-found my love for Latin dancing and spend my time making up new choreography.

What advice would you give to girls who are thinking about entering the UK Galaxy Pageants?

Three words – go for it!! I know that the initial jump into pageants is daunting as “Pageant Land” as we refer to it is a new world to those not familiar with it but honestly it is the best type of world! As Holly our director of UK Galaxy Pageants says, it is really amazing having these events where women support women so strongly. My go to advice is always to be yourself, the judges will love you for who you are and the woman you become with the influence of pageants. I know I would not be the woman I am today without them.

Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland – Jazmine Nichol x

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Jazmine Nichol – Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland

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