Follow the Galaxy Internationals with me – Day 1 – Free time & Pageant Seminar!

It’s the first official day of the Galaxy pageant week! Our Queens have settled in to their new Texan home for the week, and had a little bit of free time to explore this part of Texas. This included some shopping, swimming and fun in the sun (and of course, lots of selfies!) 

Later on yesterday, some of our Queens attended the optional Pageant Seminar. This is a workshop hosted by the CEO of the Galaxy Pageants herself, Maria Torres! Maria was on hand to help our girls to prepare for the international stage, with all of the tips & tricks on how to wow the judges. I am in awe at how amazing & confident our Queens are, and how much work they are willing to put in to the finals! Joining them, was our reigning International Queenies, Kelsey & Ruby, who attended the seminar as special guests. Our Queens took turns to show what they are made of, and learnt what to expect of the International finals this weekend! Who will be watching?… I know I will!

It’s a little difficult to keep up with the Texas time difference, but later on today, our Queens will meet the other delegates at Orientation (I’m new to this too, so I will explain more about this later on!) group photoshoots, and the all important swimwear shoot – I’m so excited, I feel like I’m right there with them!