Chloe Lake, Miss Galaxy Scotland’s experience at Galaxy internationals!

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Miss Galaxy Scotland – Chloe Lake, had such an incredible time at Galaxy Internationals in Orlando where she placed 3rd runner up! Here’s what Chloe had to say about her Galaxy experience!


1. What’s your highlight from Galaxy internationals?

My personal highlight was winning the best in interview award across the Miss Division! Beth Greenham, Ms Galaxy, and I would practise quick fire interview answers together in our room and it paid off for both of us. For those who have followed my pageant journey, interview has always been the round I’ve struggled with and so to win this award at internationals was a dream come true for me and really proved to me that I CAN do it. I spoke a lot about my mental health activism and my own personal motives behind that, I made the judges laugh and I was so relaxed that by the time I was thanked for my time, I didn’t actually want to leave!


2. Favourite outfit from your Galaxy wardrobe

I had too many I loved to just choose one!! My top 3 outfits I wore were of course my evening gown, as it was completely different from anything I’d gone for before. Then of course my royal blue fashionwear from The Dress Studio with which I won the special award, ‘Best in Fashionwear’ for. Finally it would have to be my white party outfit, it was so unique!


3. Name something you packed in your pageant suitcase that you couldn’t have lived without (apart from outfits!)

Oooh actually, this isn’t something I packed but rather something I ended up stealing from my sister queen, Miss Teen Galaxy Scotland! It was actually a Kiehl’s cleanser. I was getting my makeup done every day several times a day and this made sure that my skin remained in good condition! I actually ended up buying some for myself before going home, so Jaz, I owe you about half!


4. What was the funniest or most memorable moment of the week?

Oh my goodness there were SO many funny moments. Some best kept between Team UK ;-).
I think though the most memorable moment was definitely our PJ party activity, which was thought up by our new Miss Galaxy, Joanna!! Our PJs said ‘Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns’ and so we did an empowerment session with every single delegate…which meant the PJ party ran on a little longer than expected, sorry Maria!


5. What advice would you give to girls who are thinking about entering the UK Galaxy Pageants?

Go for it and be yourself! The U.K. final was the start of my incredible Galaxy journey and I am SO excited for the next lot of queens to experience Orlando. So whilst you are looking at all the photos online and wondering if it is as good as it looks (it’s BETTER!) why not try and earn your seat on the plane for yourself. If you do decide to enter, have fun and make sure you are yourself, that’s what the judges will be looking for in a winner.


6. Sum up your Galaxy experience in 3 words

Dream. Come. True.


Miss Galaxy Scotland 2018 – Chloe Lake