These beauty queens mean business – The Pageant Girls behind The Yog Bar!

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After they both took the pageant world by storm, Stephanie and Charlotte Hodson focussed on building their business empire with The Yog Bar and it is so lovely to see how much it has grown since they opened the store four years ago. Over the coming weeks, they will open The Yog Bar Xpress in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool!

Steph launched The Yog Bar in Hoylake in 2013 and it was the first frozen yogurt shop to be opened on The Wirral. Frozen yoghurt, or ‘fro yo’, offers an alternative to fatty and calorific ice cream and, accompanied by a range of toppings, offers a ‘healthy treat’ for all ages.

Toppings include a healthy range of fruits, like strawberries or blueberries, then a ‘naughty’ collection such as chocolate brownies and Oreo cookies, with sauces like hot chocolate fudge and hot Nutella. My personal favourite is the natural fro-yo flavour, with strawberries, raspberries and white chocolate…. With heaps of lotus biscuit sauce on the top!

When Steph and Charlotte opened The Yog Bar, they may have been newbies to the business world but they were certainly not strangers to the pageant industry!

Charlotte Hodson was the VERY FIRST confirmed finalist for the United Kingdom Galaxy Pageant, way back in 2009. I still remember her fondly and she held the title of Miss Teen Wirral Galaxy. Whilst Charlotte never took the Galaxy crown (she came so close, placing 1st Runner Up) she did enjoy much pageant success, winning Miss Cheshire, Europe’s Perfect Miss and competing in Miss England and internationally in Orlando for the World’s Perfect Pageant.

After a little encouragement from her younger sister, Steph decided to enter her first pageant, Miss Intercontinental England, and won! She travelled to Spain to compete in the world finals of Miss Intercontinental, where she won the Miss Congeniality award.

I’ll be honest, when I first met Steph – I was petrified of her! I went backstage after the Miss Teen Galaxy UK finals and she was helping her sister, Charlotte, collect her belongings…. I think I bore the brunt of her frustration that her little sister had not won the crown! However, after she won the Miss Intercontinental England title, I had the pleasure of working with her for a year as her pageant director and I realised she wasn’t THAT scary (a little bit though!) and we became firm friends.

Six years since Steph won her title, I class her as one of my best friends (she’s my BQB – beauty queen bestie) and I was so honoured when she was one of my bridesmaids in 2015. I adore both Steph and Charlotte and I am so happy to see the success that they are enjoying!

I cannot wait to visit The Yog Bar Xpress in Liverpool when it opens…….. BUT I will still keep (repeatedly) asking when The Yog Bar will be opening their Warrington branch?!

Love Holly @ Pageant Girl xx